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Making FRESH AIR indoors

About our company

We improve indoor air quality providing a healthier, more comfortable environment.

  • Fresh Air - We convert CO2 to Oxygen
  • Health - We produce healthy air to breathe indoors
  • Energy - We enable high-efficiency building ventilation

Did you know?

Some words about CO2

We spend 90% of our time indoors and CO2 buildup of 3x - 8x outdoor levels can have numerous adverse consequences.

Caused by High CO2 levels:

  • Adverse Health & Discomfort - Drowsiness, headaches, difficulty breathing, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, Athma/COPD irritation
  • Reduced Performance - Reduced cognitive performance by up to 50%
    (backed by a Harvard Study)

Our Technology

Microfluidic High Density Photobioreactor

Our core technology uses a scalable microfluidic chip to support the photosynthetic process - converting CO2 into Oxygen.

  • Light Source - Backlit by powerful LED panel
  • Microfluidic Chip - Bio-chip containing photosynthetic media
  • Front Panel Options - Custom artwork, smartboard, industrial cover

Our product

Artveoli Air Panel

The Air Panel mounts in any room and provides occupants with fresh air equivalent to an indoor forest.

  • Convenient - Wall-mounted, powered by standard outlet
  • Scalable - Custom size for any setting
  • Beautiful - Artwork to accent any decor

The Artveoli Air Panel is available for PRE-ORDER in limited release.
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